Maneki-neko amulets
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Maneki-neko amulets and TAMAcoin

Over the next 88 days, from February 5 to May 3, 2024 (bitcoin halving date), the Project plans to distribute a maximum of 888,888 Maneki-neko amulets. Each amulet will be accompanied by its respective TAMAcoin, amounting to a total of 79,012,265,876,544 TAMAcoin.

To be eligible for one free Maneki-neko amulet and to receive the corresponding 88,888,888 TAMAcoin, users are required to join the Project's Discord community. They must also provide the public address of their crypto wallet to be 'whitelisted' as eligible recipients.

This distribution process, known as an 'airdrop', will ensure that each approved crypto wallet containing at least one Maneki-neko amulet receives its corresponding 'airdrop' of 88,888,888 TAMAcoin. The transfer of these tokens will be completed within a maximum period of 90 days.

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What is Maneki-neko amulets and TAMAcoin?

This NFT and Coin project was launched with the intention of promoting the acceptance and adoption of the Polygon in all countries and regions of the world.

For this purpose, the entire project is based on and structured around the number eight (8), which is considered a lucky and fortunate number throughout the Far East.

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Maneki-neko amulets

The NFT is represented by the most recognized and historically famous amulet in the world, the Maneki-neko. This is a cat (neko) that raises one of its front paws, beckoning (maneki) passersby to enter. It is considered by more than 2,2 billion people to be a symbol of luck and fortune, much like the number eight (8).

The Coin (TAMAcoin) features an image of a white Japanese bobtail cat named Tama, who lived with his owner, a poor and elderly Buddhist monk, at the Gotokuji temple. According to legend, Tama raised his right front paw to call out to and welcome hunter Ii Naokata, who was passing by.

This NFT amulet project has been thoughtfully and carefully planned from its inception, with the goal of creating a reality where the buyer is guaranteed to win and succeed. Insecurity and risk have been minimized from the earliest stages of the project.

This is the first NFT created with the aim of being the first, most successful, and widely adopted digital amulet across various crypto ecosystems.

The buyer will not be able to choose the level, type, color, variation, or specification of the Maneki-neko amulet that they wish to mint and buy. The acquisition is entirely fortuitous and random. The mechanism works like a bet or lottery, and with luck and fortune, the buyer may receive the rarest and most limited Maneki-neko amulets with greater qualities and faculties, as well as potential for revaluation and future speculation.

With MATIC, a maximum of 888 Maneki-neko amulets can be purchased or minted per transaction, while with a bank card, the limit is 50 Maneki-neko amulets per transaction. The Project aims to foster a more distributed and decentralized adoption of both the Maneki-Neko amulet and TAMAcoin through this approach. Furthermore, it strives to attract and engage a larger number of new users in cryptocurrencies, providing them with the resources and platform to become future enthusiasts and active participants.

With the purchase of a Maneki-neko amulet, which will have a launch cost of 0.88888888 MATIC, the buyer will receive an 'airdrop’ of 88,888,888 TAMAcoins.

About Cont,..


This Project aims to have the broadest and most fairly distributed and decentralized utility token within the Polygon. There will be no Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

This will be the first coin of its kind that, in addition to being freely transferable to its bearer, brings luck and fortune associated with its use in all exchanges, businesses, and transactions for all its owners.

It will be the first token in which 95.56 percent of its supply will be delivered in an ‘airdrop’ or burned monthly and publicly. To access this utility token, there will be no fiat currency-based onramp or offering on centralized exchanges (CEXs).

The greatest utility of this freely donated token lies in the fact that it grants its user and holder income and access to make direct purchases of other assets and cryptographic values. This avoids the increasing obstacles and controls of legislation that is not friendly to crypto markets, which have cut or limited bridges to centralized exchanges (CEX) through fiat currencies.

The maximum supply will be 1,783,364,248,833,024. Of these, 1,704,351,982,956,480 TAMAcoins (or 95.56 percent) will be linked to the 19,173,960 Maneki-neko amulets.

The team will retain 79,012,265,876,544 TAMAcoin, which is 4.43 percent of the total supply.

With the acquisition of more than one (1) Maneki-neko amulet in a single transaction, the buyer will receive for each Maneki-neko amulet purchased 88,888,888 units of the TAMAcoin utility token as an ‘airdrop’, free of charge.

Since its inception and launch, TAMAcoin seeks to be the fairest, most widely and equitably distributed and decentralized crypto asset than even the epic and titanic invention of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Most decentralized and fairly distributed utility token.



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Who is behind?

We have a great team behind,

All of them are worthy, serious, discreet, and responsible people, followers, and admirers of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Zhaocai Mao
Driver and mentor
Since 2011, I have been interested in the world of cryptography and have been actively involved in it since 2015. I have helped establish and lead various companies and projects within the industry.
Ii Naokata
Hunter and benefactor
As an economic guarantor for this and many other cryptographic projects and investments, I always approach my work with the keen eye and instincts of a hunter, combined with the intuition and knowledge of an experienced investor.
Kodai Kenshin
Adviser and caretaker
Software vagabond with over 20 years' experience in development and finance - into crypto since 2018. Like a traveler I seek new paths and innovative ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for buying and minting a Maneki-neko amulet?

To purchase and mint a Maneki-neko amulet, click the “Mint” button. On the subsequent page, choose the number of Maneki-neko amulets you want to purchase and mint. Then, make the payment using the MATIC cryptocurrency by connecting to your crypto wallet. The maximum purchase limit is 888 Maneki-neko amulets. Alternatively, you can use a bank card, with a maximum purchase limit of 50 Maneki-neko amulets.

Where will the Maneki-neko amulets be sent?

The Maneki-neko amulets will be sent to the buyer’s crypto wallet. If the buyer does not have a crypto wallet, the Platform will automatically create one for them at the time of payment and minting.

Are there maximum limits for purchasing and minting Maneki-neko amulets?

You can purchase and mint up to 888 Maneki-neko amulets per transaction with the MATIC cryptocurrency, and up to 50 Maneki-neko amulets per transaction with a bank card.

What is the most valuable Maneki-neko amulet and what kind of luck does it bring?

All Maneki-neko amulets are priced the same on the platform (0.88888888 MATIC). In future markets, the most valuable Maneki-neko amulets will likely be the A-level amulets, of which there are only eight (8) out of a total of 19,173,960. These A-level charms are calico-colored cats (white with black spots and brown edges) with both front paws raised, each holding a gold-colored bitcoin cryptocurrency. These calico-colored Maneki-neko amulets bring happiness, abundance, fortune, and opulence to their owners and possessors, as well as adventurers and travelers.

Can I gift a Maneki-neko amulet to my family or friends for good luck?

Yes, after purchasing and minting a Maneki-neko amulet, it will be sent to your crypto wallet. From there, you can gift it to your family or friends who have a crypto wallet. If you do not have a crypto wallet at the time of purchase, the Platform will automatically create one for you. You can then gift this crypto wallet containing the purchased and minted Maneki-neko amulets to your family or friends.

Why is there such a large supply of Maneki-neko amulets?

The Maneki-neko charm is the first NFT charm in the crypto universe. It is designed to be present in all currently existing cryptographic wallets, providing luck, fortune, certainty and security to its bearer. Our total supply is 19,173,960, which corresponds to 20 percent of all crypto wallets currently in existence.

How many TAMAcoin utility tokens will I receive for each purchased and minted amulet?

For each Maneki-neko charm purchased and minted, the buyer will receive 88,888,888 units of the TAMAcoin utility token as an ‘airdrop’, free of charge.

Where will I receive the TAMAcoin utility tokens?

The TAMAcoin tokens will be sent to the same crypto wallet as the Maneki-neko amulets. If you do not have a crypto wallet at the time of purchase, the Platform will automatically create one for you, and both the TAMAcoin tokens and Maneki-neko amulets will be sent there.

Can I sell or exchange TAMAcoin tokens for other cryptocurrencies or tokens?

Yes, TAMAcoin allows interested parties to participate in the crypto-universe with a utility token acquired for free while avoiding restrictive financial systems. As this utility token becomes more widely distributed in a fair and decentralized manner, its market value will be discovered and it can be sold or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or tokens.


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